CMP's Freight Forwarding Career Seminar


CMP's Freight Forwarding Career Seminar


Despite the wintery mix of snow and sleet this past Saturday, we had a better than expected turn-out of over 40 participants at CMP's Freight Forwarding Career Seminar, including press from Sing Tao Daily, The Epoch Times, and World Journal. 

The presentation was kicked-off by Mr. Hong Shing Lee, Executive Director of CMP, and was followed by Mr. Michael Yan, who spoke about his own personal success story; how he started his career by taking a book-keeping course at CMP, his career in Freight Forwarding, and how he now owns his own Freight Forwarding company, NYC Supply Chain Solutions. He went on to enthusiastically explain the life-cycle of Supply Chain Management and Logistics, and the importance of a Freight Forwarding Operator and their role in Supply Chain Industry.

Michael's presentation was then followed by Mr. Kent Zhou, who will teach the actual CMP Freight Forwarding Operations course and is General Manager at the FFO firm, Amtrans Global. Kent went into more detail on the job specifications of a Freight Forwarder, job opportunities, and career advancements in the field.

If you are having some trouble understanding what a Freight Forwarder is, here are some hard facts:

1. A freight forwarder is a specialist that helps individuals/companies move goods from a manufacturer/producer to a market or some other overseas destination.

2. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of freight forwarding agents is expected to grow much faster than average for all professions, increasing 24% through 2018.

3. As of 2013, the average annual freight forwarding agent salary is $47,000. 

The entire presentation is available on CMP's YouTube page. You will also be able to find more pictures from CMP's FFO seminar on CMP's Facebook and Twitter feeds. Feel free to follow CMP on Facebook and on Twitter for up-to-date news.